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The websites linked through are not covered by this privacy statement; rather, those websites’ privacy policies and/or terms of use apply. This statement only applies to applicants who enrol at The website makes use of tracking technologies like cookies. Some cookies and other technologies might be used to retrieve Personal Information that a Web user has previously indicated. The majority of browsers give you the option to manage cookies, including how to accept them or reject them. By giving us your information in the ways outlined below, you agree to our privacy statement and grant us permission to use your information as described here.

  • Information Collected by the Website:

Contact Forms and Login/Signup are the two methods used on for data collection. (By creating a user account, the visitor accepts the website’s terms and conditions.) Information that is collected may be either personal or non-personal. Your information may be stored, collected, used, and processed by us in India subject to compliance with applicable laws. The website gathers user data to offer recommendations based on student profiles and keep them updated on ongoing application procedures.

  • Opt-in Mails and Other ways of data usage by the Company:

The company can use data collected through the website in various ways such as-

a) Opt-in Mails- The company sends customized mails to the users opting for newsletters or notifications on the admission process and entrance tests. Users can anytime unsubscribe from the service

b) Feedback: The Company may contact its visitors or users for feedback on any new feature or service. If not interested, users can drop a mail on

c) Geographical Data: We use geographical or demographical data to provide location-wise customized data.

D) Cookies and IP data are used to provide the most relevant results through search. The website also stores data other than the content which provides information on personal identity in the form of IP and cookies. It is henceforth considered under the category of non-personal-identifiable data which also includes search history, queries submitted, education interests, date and time, domain, and advertisement response.

Email distribution/SMS/Telephone as described in the application form and for administrative purposes (such as to inform you and apprise you of the information or any change herein for the course of your interest or related course). In accordance with instructions on the site, you may opt not to receive any such communication in the future.

  • Third-party content:

Users who provide “testimonials” have the right to have them displayed publicly and may also share them with our partner institutions. The user agrees not to use vulgar or offensive language in any forum or publicly accessible comment section by using this website. Users comprehend and concur that: Because we have no control over the content from third parties:

  1. Any such content, including details and user reviews about any university or institution, are not our responsibility and are not endorsed by us.
  2. We make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, suitability, or quality of the information contained in such content.
  3. We disclaim all liability for unintended, offensive, inaccurate, deceptive, or illegal Content posted by users, advertisers, and other third parties.
  4. We do not claim ownership of any content that the user submits or authorizes for use by us, but the user agrees that such content shall be our exclusive property and that neither the user nor any other visitor to the website may publish, copy, or reproduce such or similar content on any other online portal without Rajeev Mehta’s prior written consent. If a user posts content on the website accidentally or unintentionally, they are free to take it down or have it taken down.


All digital content, including site design, software, images, photographs, text, services, and other materials of a similar nature, available throughout the website, is owned exclusively by, unless otherwise stated. Without the company’s prior consent, trademarks, logos, and service marks from this website may not be displayed at any commercial or non-commercial use. However, the data, text, graphics, images, audio and video clips, logos, icons, and links used on this website by third parties and/or organizations and colleges are taken from the public domain and are accessible under the fair usage policy that is published on the website. These materials and contents are used on the website solely for identification and/or informational purposes and are not the intellectual property of the Company. Scraping, crawling, and republishing of data are all prohibited unless express written consent has been obtained from the company. The rights or ownership to use the website’s content for commercial purposes are not transferred when you download it.