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Edit & Cuts – Learn Video Editing & Visual Storytelling


DDE – All Workshop In One Bundle

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Master in Short Video Ads Making

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This Course Includes

  • This course will teach you how to make Creative, Storytelling, Attractive and Salesy Video Ads . In this Course we will learn video ads making from basic to Pro. To do anything in life , first you will have to learn the basics. I will teach you every thing that is require for making a perfect Video Ad for any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.


  • This course will help you to convert ordinary graphic ad into video ads and storytelling ads by using featured rich software adobe Premier Pro  and we will learn step by step from beginner to pro in video ads making .We don’t need any Cinematography or Video Production experience to make these amazing Ads.

-This course is all about changing your regular boring social media graphic ads into attractive video ads and storytelling ads.
-Learn from Scratch how to create Video Ads from Basic to Pro
-The duration of the course is 3-4Hours with 20+ Videos masterclass.


Final Course Content


Chapter One – Planning Like a Pro

Lesson 1
Turn every content Into Video

Lesson 2
Plan content for 50+ video ads

Lesson 3
From Instagram Reels to Social Media Video Ads

Chapter two – Scripting like a Film Maker

lesson 4
Key Rules of Video Ads Making

Lesson 5
How to write Ads Script /Roadmap

Chapter Three – Shooting / Making like a marketing minds

Lesson 6
How to brief actors

Lesson 7
Shooting videos -Shoot like a marketing Mind not filmmaker

Chapter four – Editing And Storytelling

Lesson 8
Key Rules of Editing Video Ads

Lesson 9 –

Lesson 10
How to Customize ads for Digital Platforms

Chapter Five – Music & Text

lesson 11
How to Find Right Music for Your Ads

lesson 12
Write Text Like a Pro

Chapter – Six -Making a Final Video Ads – (Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial)

lesson 13 –

How to Create 30 Sec Video Ads
lesson 14-

How to Create 15 Sec Video Ads
lesson 15-

How to Create 10 Sec Video Ads
lesson 16-

How to create 5 Sec Video Ads



Bonus Chapter
Free Footage for Practice


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