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Inspire & Design – A Graphic Designing Ideas Generation Course

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Learn Adobe Photoshop With Rajeev Mehta

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Brand Campaign Design Like a Agency

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This Course Includes

Course Content -:

Phase 1 Brief

1.Social Media Marketing Campaign Explained
2.Brands And The Hash-Tag
3.Finding Hash-Tags & Campaign

Phase -2 – Plan & Research

1.Campaign And Branding Elements
2.Day 1- Campaign
3.Day 2- Campaign
4.Day 3- Campaign
5.Day 4- Campaign
6.Day 5- Viral & Trending Social Media Campaign
7.Day 6- Campaign
8.Day 7- Campaign

Phase – 3 – Design & Content

  1. How to Write Post Content

2. How to Design Social Media Post for 30 Days

3.How to Make Social Media Campaign Effective in 2022

4. Freelancer vs Agency – Tips

Campaign Design For Social Media

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