Module 1 Introduction
Episode 1 Video Ads The Future for Content Marketing  
Module 2 Chapter One – Planning Like a Pro
Episode 1 Turn every Graphic Ads Into Video Ads  
Episode 2 Additional Lesson - Video Ads Breakdown  
Episode 3 From Instagram Reels to Facebook Ads  
Episode 4 Plan Content for 50+ Video Ads  
Module 3 Chapter Two – Scripting like a Film Maker
Episode 1 Key Rules of Video Ads Making - Part 1  
Episode 2 Part 2- Now You Have a Superpower  
Episode 3 The Superpower Recipe - Bonus  
Episode 4 How to Write Ads Script / Roadmap  
Module 4 Chapter Three – Shooting like a Marketing Minds
Episode 1 How to Brief Actors Before The Shoot  
Episode 2 Shoot like a marketing Mind not a Filmmaker - Indoor  
Episode 3 Shoot like a marketing Mind not a Filmmaker - Outdoor  
Episode 4 Bonus Recipe -Think Like a Marketing Minds  
Module 5 Chapter Four – Editing And Storytelling -Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial
Episode 1 How to Make Logo With The Concept  
Episode 2 Write Text Like a Pro  
Episode 3 How to Create 30 Sec Video Ads Part 1  
Episode 4 How to Find Right Music for Your Ads  
Episode 5 How to Create 30 Sec Video Ads Part 2 - Final  
Episode 6 How to Create 15 Sec Video Ads  
Episode 7 How to Create 10 Sec Video Ads  
Episode 8 How to create 5 Sec Video Ads  
Module 6 Bonus Chapter - Free Footage for Practice
Episode 1 Download Video Footage  
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